Shree Swaminarayan

Institute Of Technology

Shastri Swami Shree Hariprakashdasji

Shastri Swami Shree Hariprakashdasji, accolade a degree of M.A.Vedantacharya, is the Secretary Shree Satsang Shiksha Parishad, Gandhinagar. He has published well known Religious Granth (Text Book) of Shree Swaminarayan Sect. The Educational Institute Started by Satsang shiksha Parishad will spread the light of education with religion and cultural values. We will create educated and responsible citizens who will lead towards the growth and property of the nation. We have a long tradition of being innovative in education. Our commitment to enhance the learning and problem-solving skills of students started with the founding of Shri Satsang Shiksha Parishad in 1971. The main thrust is to "equip students to go on learning after graduation and to grow through their lives in professional and personal stature and in usefulness as citizens."

Shree Ramkrishan Swamiji

With the rapid advances in science and technology during the last few decades, computers and computing systems have risen to be the key technology supporting and expanding almost every area of life, from education and research, to commerce and entertainment. With the recent growth of networking systems—such as the global Internet system connecting millions of people engaged in business, education, and research—computing has become one of the most powerful aspects of progress in human life.

Prof. Dharmesh N. Vandra

It is my privilege to welcome you to Shree Swaminarayan Institute of technology (SSIT),BHAT and invite you to explore the multidimensional facets of this Technical Institute using the official website.Its strengths and standing are best evidenced by the high quality of the national and international students admitted in various programs and well qualified faculty. With the support of highly qualified faculty members and excellent infrastructure I hope we shall be able to continue to add to the intellectual and professional development of the country. Apart from academic activities, the co-curricular activities, sports, adventure, cultural and social- service activities, form important parts of the life of the students. This importance is well indicated in the spread of facilities at the SSIT campus.

Director in SSIT